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Archives for March 2013

San Francisco Solar Companies and choosing the right one for installation

20110216_low-cost_solar2_largeThere are plenty of reasons for switching over from electric power generated by using fossil fuel to solar power and other forms of renewable energy. San Francisco Solar Companies have given a great lead in the matter by providing affordable and quality solar power to its customers. Climate is a factor that contributes primarily to the tapping of solar energy. A place like San Francisco that has plenty of sunshine has a great scope in making further development in this sector. Continuous effort by the Government and the environmentalists has helped in educating the public the need for switching over to solar power.

Considerations in selecting the best solar power company

The present is the ideal time for popularizing the concept of using renewable energy like solar power. Several enterprising men have started companies for the manufacture of photo voltaic cell and solar panels and installing them at the user’s premises. Installation is not a simple process as the customer is likely to switch over to the grid supply at night or on days when the sun is not visible. The switch over has to be arranged for automatic with the customer getting clear instructions. [Read more…]